About Consider The Product

Consider The Product is a community of writers that strives to give frank as fuck reviews about all sorts of products, food, and places.

While we review products of all sorts, our original aim was to target niche or emerging markets such as nootropics , or “smart drugs”, and shark tank products.  Don’t know what nootropics are?  Click here to read a brief simple overview.

Our site provides a platform for our readers’ voices too. For each product we review, you can also submit YOUR review and rating too!

Our Mission

We’re building a community of frank as fuck gonzo reviewers. If you’d like to join & write for Consider The Product, contact us here or email us at hello@considertheproduct.com!

About The Team

Jessie is the Founder and Creator of Consider The Product.  She is an alumnus of Claremont McKenna College, where she cultivated and endured an unhealthy 2 am love affair with SpongeBob-shaped Kraft Easy Mac for 3 years. She can no longer look at the stuff.  Jessie was an avid Yelp reviewer before finally creating her own review website. Stalk her on her personal website here!

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Kira is a contributor to Consider The Product.  Also an alumnus of Claremont McKenna College, she began undergoing mitosis in late November of 1991 and continues to experience the process of cell division, a hobby she hopes to maintain at least on weekends.  Her many other talents include leaving the house without makeup, failing to set up a Twitter account, rolling over Beethoven and smiling at dogs she passes on the street.  She likes to write words.  In fact, she’s written seventy of them now.

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Will is a writer for Consider The Product.  Landing in NYC after five different time zones, Will has written many things and reviewed many things, but he’s never written about the things he’s reviewed until now.  He also enjoys the comfort of old hoodies, making sculptures out of driftwood, and practicing qi gong in the warm summer rain.  He usually agrees with Vampire Weekend, but when it comes to anything regarding the Oxford comma, he sides with Strunk and White.

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